Graduate TAs and RAs are unionized!

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Committee to Organize UWaterloo

Committee to Organize UWaterloo

supported by CUPE

Organize UWaterloo

The Committee to Organize UWaterloo (aka OrganizeUW or OUW) is a grassroots campaign to unionize the academic workers at the University of Waterloo (UW). It was started in March 2020 by a group of graduate students hoping to make Waterloo a better place to work.

Since then, the movement has had great success. In separate votes, both sessional instructors and graduate TA/RA workers have overwhelmingly voted to unionize, receiving certification from the Ontario Labour Relations Board!

While the card-signing and voting campaign is now over, OrganizeUW remains involved in the process of getting our new union up and running.

OrganizeUW is proudly supported by the Canadian Union of Public Employees. With over 715,000 members nation-wide, CUPE is Canada's largest union and a leader in the post-secondary education sector in Ontario and across Canada.

Our new union looks forward to continuing to collaborate with advocacy organizations in the UWaterloo area, including the UW Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). The GSA provides many services and events for UW graduate students. For more information about the GSA, please follow this link.

The primary aim of the organizing committee is:

To build an inclusive OrganizeUW where human rights are built into everything we do, including in how we operate our current drive and what we plan for our future union local. By focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion we hope to make our spaces open, diverse, fair, equitable, representative, and ultimately incompatible with white supremacy and patriarchy. Only by ensuring full, meaningful, and equitable chances for everyone to participate in our grassroots group can we hope to build a successful union movement that will truly improve the lives of everyone at UW.

The principles and goals for this campaign have been outlined by the OUW Committee for Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and can be found in full here.


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Join your colleagues, classmates, and student leaders from across UW to discuss the next steps to building your union!


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We Did It!

The OLRB has issued the certificate confiring the unionized status of UWaterloo Graduate TAs and RAs.

TA & RA Filing Announcement

BREAKING NEWS: Today, Monday December 11th, OrganizeUW filed an application to certify our union at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB)! Well over 40% of graduate TAs & RAs at UWaterloo have signed union cards, clearly showing that workers throughout the university demand a union.

They changed the rules and didn't tell you - again!

Policy 30 - the policy that outlines the terms of employment for TAs - was updated as of December 13, 2022. We want to explain some of the issues we see with Policy 30 - both the process and the content - and how it would be different if we were already unionized.


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Want to learn more, but can't make it to Stammtisch or prefer to meet individually/online? No problem! Let us know and we will gladly set up a video call or coffee chat with an organizer at a time and place that works for you.

Weekly in-person meet-up (aka Stammtisch)

TAs, RAs, and Sessional Instructors - We want to meet you!

Join on Mondays at the Graduate House from 5:00pm onwards for Stammtisch.

What's that, you ask? Stammtisch (German for “regulars’ table”;ˈʃtamtɪʃ) is an informal group gathering held on a regular basis, at the same time and place. It's not a structured meeting, but rather a friendly get-together. Most often, the group will meet weekly at the same table in their favourite local restaurant or beer garden. And since our favourite watering hole is the Grad House, that's where you'll find us, every Monday!

In other words, it’s a great chance to kick back and relax. You’ll make new friends, meet your co-workers and have lots of fun :)

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