Sessional Instructors

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Who we are

As sessional instructors at UWaterloo, we began this organizing drive to bring our workplace up to the standards of other Ontario Universities.

We are instructors from all departments working together to create a better workplace for everyone.

What can I do to help?

The first step is to sign a union card, which you can do at At least 40% of all sessional instructors must sign a card before a vote can happen. Your card is confidential, and the employer will never know who signed cards. But unless you sign a card, there cannot be a vote.

Why organize?

Sessional instructors at other Ontario universities have:

  • Health Benefits
  • Paid parental leaves
  • Paid medical leaves and sick days
  • A transparent hiring process
  • Financial support for professional development
  • Representation on university committees impacting sessional working conditions
  • Better job security
  • Higher wages
  • Regular wage increases
  • No clawbacks from grants or scholarships
  • Better protection from harassment and discrimination
  • Free legal support for workplace issues
  • Ability to make a complaint without fear of reprisal

Why Not Waterloo?

Waterloo is a world-class university. It is time sessional instructors got treated as well as sessionals at other universities in the province.

What is CUPE?

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is the largest union in the country for university workers and has the best collective agreements for academics employed part-time and or through contracts.

We will elect our own executive and bargaining committee here at UWaterloo and will have our own collective agreement just for sessional instructors.

We will be surveyed on priorities, will vote on what goes to the bargaining table and will vote on any agreement made.

CUPE will provide many supports, but we at UWaterloo will make the decisions.