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"It’s time for UW grads to unionize" (Opinion|Imprint)

Today a member of our organizing committee, Lynne, published an Op-Ed in Imprint, the UWaterloo newspaper. Here is an excerpt, and be sure to check out the whole article!

Thank you PSAC Local 902 (WLU) for your support!

Organize uWaterloo says thank you to Local 902 of PSAC, who represent graduate TAs at WLU, for your show of solidarity - you helped inspire us!

"University of Waterloo grad students launch organizing drive with CUPE"

(PRESS RELEASE) This week, teaching assistants, research assistants and contract instructors at the University of Waterloo launched the public phase of their campaign to become members of CUPE, Canada’s largest union for university workers.

Why OrganizeUW?

Why did we start a union drive to organize teaching and research assistants at University of Waterloo and what do we hope to achieve?

Help organize your fellow workers!

Are you ready to take action to make real change in your workplace at UW? To make this happen, each academic worker needs to be informed about the campaign. The only way to achieve this is for supporters to take ownership and help spread the word. Small actions add up in a big way, and everyone can help in one way or another. By working together, you and your colleagues and classmates will help win your future union! Read on to find out some ways, big and small, to get involved!

OrganizeUW now has a logo!

We are very excited to unveil our new logo - our sleek and stylish goose friend will make an appearance on (environmentally-friendly) swag, coming soon! While the goose has yet to be named, submit your idea for a future vote.

Instructions for card-signers

Don't know how to start signing-up your colleagues and classmates? Follow these simple steps and templates to get started.

Union 101

How does unionization happen? These are the steps we have to go through to form a union of academic workers at the University of Waterloo.