TA & RA Filing Announcement

An application to certify our union has been filed with the OLRB

Photo of Dana Porter Library, with text reading "Breaking News - Research Assistants (RAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) at the University of Waterloo have filed for union certification!"

Breaking News!

Today, Monday December 11th, OrganizeUW filed an application to certify our union at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB). Well over 40% of graduate TAs & RAs at UWaterloo have signed union cards, clearly showing that workers throughout the university demand a union.

Now that our application to unionize is filed, it's time for the OLRB to confirm that we've met the required 50% threshold and then organize our vote. Once a majority of TA/RA workers vote YES, we'll finally have our union and can start collective bargaining! For more information about the unionization process, check out this post.

If you're a grad student TA or RA who's working this term, STAY TUNED for the vote announcement and details via email. Not getting OrganizeUW updates? Please email us at organizeuw@joincupe.org.

This is the crucial moment when your participation matters the most. Get ready to vote YES and take us across the finish line!

Committee to Organize UWaterloo
Committee to Organize UWaterloo
supported by CUPE

The Committee to Organize UWaterloo is a grassroots campaign to unionize the academic workers at the University of Waterloo. The campaign is supported by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Canada's largest union.