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OrganizeUW statement on UW upates to TAwage proposal

A response to graduate student questions about uWaterloo's recent TA wage increase proposal that have arisen in light of subsequent communications from the UW Administration.

"First major victory of CUPE unionization efforts: University of Waterloo responds with 32 per cent wage increase"

(PRESS RELEASE) In a clear response to unionization efforts, the University of Waterloo (UW) has provided notice that it will raise wages for graduate student workers from $33.89 to $45 an hour. The move would bring wages for UW teaching assistants up to sector-wide norms, although they would still lag on total compensation relative to peers at other universities.

International student issues #4 - Gaining protections against tuition increases

Despite the fact that international students make up over 50% of full-time equivalent graduate students in some faculties at UW, they are often ignored when the university makes decisions about policies that directly impact them. This is the third post by our international student sub-committee in their series on how a union can help make international students' experiences at UW better.

International student issues #2 - Visas and unionizing

International students make up nearly half of graduate students yet they are often neglected when the university crafts policy. This is the second post in the series by our international student sub-committee, in which they considers how a union can help ensure international student issues get the attention they deserve.

CUPE, Teaching Assistant Unions, and Health & Safety

A webinar featuring a CUPE health and safety staffer, CUPE teaching assistant union local president, and OrganizeUW student organizer.

"University of Waterloo grad students launch organizing drive with CUPE"

(PRESS RELEASE) This week, teaching assistants, research assistants and contract instructors at the University of Waterloo launched the public phase of their campaign to become members of CUPE, Canada’s largest union for university workers.