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Want TAs, RAs and Sessionals to be consulted in the next campus reopening? Unionize!

On January 20th, an email was sent out to the UW Employees contact list by Vivek Goel, President and Vice-Chancellor, and James W. E. Rush, Vice-President, Academic and Provost, to provide employees the chance to give feedback on the February return to campus plan. In text, the email was addressed to the UW Community. Didn't get that email as a graduate student worker (i.e., TA or RA)? Guess you aren’t considered a UW Employee.

COVID-19 health and safety measures for in-person events

Protecting the health and safety of all attendees, organizers, and the broader community is of the utmost importance to OrganizeUW. While our union drive has been almost entirely digital for over a year, we have slowly begun holding more in-person events as public health restrictions allow and best practices shift. This post outlines the current safety procedures in place for organizers and visitors at all in-person events, in accordance with current local and provincial public health restrictions. Please take note of these measures when planning your visit!

A careful COVID comeback: Learning from experience at UW and beyond to ensure a safe return to campus

What protections will be needed to make it safe to re-open (in part or full) at UW? A discussion among health and safety experts, grads, and student leaders from OrganizeUW, CUPE, McMasterU, and UW on COVID-19 realities and best practices for those working on campus now or set to return in a few short months (or less!).

Mental Health & Unions

Join OrganizeUW, a CUPE Health & Safety expert, and a CUPE 3903 (YorkU) local member and bargaining rep as we discuss the opportunities union organizing presents for improving mental health on campus.

Health and safety info & short survey

OrganizeUW is concerned that the uWaterloo administration is not communicating relevant health and safety information to graduate student workers and sessional instructors.

CUPE, Teaching Assistant Unions, and Health & Safety

A webinar featuring a CUPE health and safety staffer, CUPE teaching assistant union local president, and OrganizeUW student organizer.

Why OrganizeUW?

Why did we start a union drive to organize teaching and research assistants at University of Waterloo and what do we hope to achieve?