Know your rights!

Learn about your basic labour rights under your TA, RA, or Sessional contract, how to exercise those rights, and how to navigate the tricky landscape of being both a graduate student and worker.

Town Hall with UW Faculty Supporters

Join members of UWaterloo’s Faculty to learn about the ways in which their research and participation in academia fosters support for union presence at their home institution, as well as how unionization efforts can enhance course delivery and research at UWaterloo.

A careful COVID comeback: Learning from experience at UW and beyond to ensure a safe return to campus

What protections will be needed to make it safe to re-open (in part or full) at UW? A discussion among health and safety experts, grads, and student leaders from OrganizeUW, CUPE, McMasterU, and UW on COVID-19 realities and best practices for those working on campus now or set to return in a few short months (or less!).

Mental Health & Unions

Join OrganizeUW, a CUPE Health & Safety expert, and a CUPE 3903 (YorkU) local member and bargaining rep as we discuss the opportunities union organizing presents for improving mental health on campus.

Energy, democracy, and unions: A discussion on the parallels of climate justice and union organizing

Join us as we go live with guests from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, OrganizeUW, and Fossil Free UW to talk climate justice and unions.

International Student Discussion on Unionization

A discussion on unionization with a focus on international student issues.

Anti-Racism and Unions

Join us for a discussion of how anti-racism work and unions work together to create a more just workplace and society. Presentations of related information and personal experiences will be followed by a Q&A panel discussion. A primary aim of the discussion is to envision how our local union might engage in anti-racism work through bargaining, activism, and solidarity with ongoing efforts. Speakers include CUPE National human rights and research staff, CUPE Ontario local members/activists, and a grad student rep from a UW anti-racism taskforce.

CUPE, Teaching Assistant Unions, and Health & Safety

A webinar featuring a CUPE health and safety staffer, CUPE teaching assistant union local president, and OrganizeUW student organizer.