Scholarships awarded should be scholarships paid - #WhyNotWaterloo?

The next blog post in our ongoing series tackles the issue of unfair pay practices. This spring, UW announced a TA pay raise from $33.89 to $45/hour. But because it engages in scholarship clawbacks to offset such increases, as a grad TAs you will very likely see *zero* increase, or even a slight *reduction*, in your take home pay. But did you know that grads at other universities get to keep their scholarship pay regardless of their work? So #WhyNotWaterloo? This unfair, exploitative, and potentially illegal practice doesn’t happen where TAs have a union. Read on to learn more and find out how you can take action to protect your pay raise from university clawbacks.

Free quarantine packages - #WhyNotWaterloo?

The next blog post in our #WhyNotWaterloo series -- which explores the difference a union *really* makes -- examines quarantine packages for international students coming to UW in January 2021. Did you know that graduate TAs at other Ontario universities are able to quarantine through their university for free, whereas UW is charging over $1000? But #WhyNotWaterloo? Read on to find out more.